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VelocePress is a publisher of books, manuals, buyer's guides and technical works for niche markets.

All VelocePress titles are printed in the USA!*
We never use offshore printers.

NOTICE: VelocePress will be closed from Saturday, March 18 through Sunday, April 2. Any orders received will be processed immediately after April 2, thus a delay in shipping may occur. We apologize, in advance, for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.





New Releases

Speed and How To Obtain It

Bk of the Royal Enfield 1934-46

Floyd Clymer's Bk of Solex Carburetor

Floyd Clymer's Bk of S.U. Carburetor

Bk of the Triumph Singles & Twins 1935-49

Bk of the Triumph Twins 1945-59 Pre-Unit...

Bk of the NSU Prima 1956-64...

Bk of the J.A.P. Engine 1927-52...

Bk of the Sunbeam 1928-39

Bk of the Raleigh Moped All Models 1960-69

VelocePress publishes a selection of original works and previously out-of-print titles:

  * Clymer Auto
  * Clymer Motorcycle
  * Ferrari and Etceterini
  * Racing Titles


  * Autobooks Manuals
  * Road Test Reports

VelocePress is now publishing titles pertaining to the music industry - in particular the 60s and 70s.:

  * Arts & Entertainment
  * Music CDs

VelocePress is actively recruiting experienced authors and rights holders to provide original and owned content.
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  * Clymer Manuals and

     Floyd Clymer™

All of our titles are distributed globally and produced using cutting edge print-on-demand technology.
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*To better service our UK, European and Australian customers, some of our titles may also be printed locally and available through our distribution centers within those countries. However, we never use 'off-shore' printers for any VelocePress published book, as we believe in supporting the economy of the countries that purchase our products.